About the Minnesota Association
 of USA Track & Field


Who We Are:


USA Track & Field (USATF) is the National Governing Body for track and field, long distance running and race walking in the United States. USATF is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with a staff of professional program administrators at the National Office in Indianapolis. The mission of USATF is to foster sustained competitive excellence, interest, and participation in the sports of track & field, long distance running and race walking.

The Minnesota Association is the local branch of USATF and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which depends on the support of its members to run its many programs and services. USATF Minnesota consists of its individual members, member clubs, supporters and sponsors. It is managed by a Board of Directors made up of  the four officers, the Committee Chairs (who are appointed by the President), and the member Club Representatives. If you have a USATF registered club, you are entitled to have a representative on the Board who will in turn have a vote on all matters that come before the Board. All individuals are welcome to attend Board meetings at any time. Board meetings are currently being held in odd numbered months. Check the calendar for the next meeting location and time. You can call the USATF Minnesota office at 651-330-8847 if you need directions.
 USATF Minnesota Association Bylaws

 USATF Minnesota Association meeting minutes

What We Do:

USATF Minnesota conducts Championships for all age groups (youth through masters) in

  • Indoor track and field
  • Outdoor track and field
  • Cross country
  • Distance running at 5 km, 8 km, 10 km, 15 km, 25 km and 1/2 Marathon
  • Mountain/Ultra/Trail
  • Race walking

Awards are provided to the top teams and individuals in all age groups (open, two-year age groups for youth, and five-year age groups for masters). Youth qualify at the cross country and outdoor track and field meets for Junior Olympic Regional Championships, from which they may qualify for National Championships. Contributions from our members and other friends of athletics are used to keep the entry fees low for youth meets. The long-distance running championships are automatically included in the annual Team Circuit conducted by USATF Minnesota. To apply for state championship designation contact Katie McGregor.

The Team Circuit is a series of long distance road races in which USATF registered clubs compete for annual awards. Teams compete in open, masters and grand masters divisions. Five members are required to score in the men's and women's open class (except for the 1/2 marathon and marathon) and three members are required in the men's and women's masters and grand masters class. In the 1/2 marathon and marathon, only three members are required to score in all classes. Click here for more information on the Team Circuit.  

Youth Services. Athletes and/or their parents who want to form or join a club can contact Josh Gerber by email at Youth@Minnesota.usatf.org for advice and/or referrals. Youth are also eligible to compete in all Junior Olympic events conducted by USATF Minnesota.

Summer Track & Field League. USATF Minnesota sponsors a series of high-quality summer meets aimed at providing competitive opportunities for post-collegiate athletes. Participation limited to members of USATF-registered clubs or collegiate athletes. We also conduct or coordinate all-comer meets throughout the year, giving athletes opportunities for fair, low-cost competition, both indoors and out.

 Officials Certification.
To help insure fair competition, USATF Minnesota trains and certifies officials for track and field, distance running, and race walking. We also help meets locate the officials they require. If interested in becoming a USATF-certified official, or if you need to staff a meet, call David Fergus at 763-441-5827.

 Road Race Course Certification.
USATF has certified the length of about sixty road race courses in Minnesota. When you run a race on a certified course, you know the course was properly measured. To certify your course, contact Rick Recker at 612-375-0805.

Race Sanctions. USATF Minnesota sanctions about one hundred events a year, providing low-cost liability insurance and guidance for safe and fair competition. The fee depends on the number of entrants. Call the USATF Minnesota office for further information at 651-330-8847.

Record Keeping. The Minnesota Running Data Center collects results from all races on certified courses, keeping records at all distances in all age groups and passing the data on for identification of U.S. records. For further information contact Mike Setter.

Why Join:

Membership offers these benefits:

  • Medical and life insurance. Members are insured when competing in USATF-sanctioned events, when traveling to and from the events, and when participating in club practices.
  • Discounts at running stores throughout the state.
  • Discounts at selected races and events.
  • USATF-registered clubs also get Track Coach quarterly, a copy of  the current USATF Rules of Competition, and practice insurance.
  • USATF membership allows you to compete in state and national championships.
  • USATF membership allows you to compete in the Team Circuit.
  • Assorted discounts on products and services.