USATF Minnesota Team and Cross Country Circuit Rules

I. Team Participation

  1. Competition is held in eight divisions: men's open, women's open, men's 40 plus, women's 40 plus, men's 50 plus, women's 50 plus, men's 60 plus and women's 60 plus. In order to compete in a Circuit, teams must be currently registered with USATF Minnesota, and all scoring team members must be individual members of USATF Minnesota. Paper membership applications should be sent to USATF Minnesota at 960 Douglas Road, Mendota Heights, MN  55118. Individuals can also register online at
  2. Scoring teams in the men's and women's open divisions consist of five team members for races under 15 kilometers, and three team members for races 15 kilometers and longer, while scoring teams in the men's and women's 40 plus, 50 plus and 60 plus divisions consist of three team members for all distances. 
  3. Team members scoring for open teams may be of any age. All team members scoring for 40 plus teams must be at least 40 years of age on the day of the race. All team members scoring for 50 plus teams must be at least 50 years of age on the day of the race. All team members scoring of 60 plus teams must be at least 60 years of age on the day of the race. Team members may score for more than one division. Thus, for example, a 50 plus athlete may score for an open, a 40 plus and a 50 plus team.
  4. The top six teams in the men's and women's open division will compete in the Red Division. The remaining teams will compete in the Blue Division. The top placing team in the Blue Division at the end of the year will be placed into the Red Division in the following year. The bottom placing team in the Red Division at the end of the year will be placed into the Blue Division the following year. All new teams will be placed initially in the Blue Division. Any team placed in the Blue Division may petition USATF Minnesota for inclusion in the Red Division by sending an email to

II. Team Rosters

  1. Each team must submit its intent to participate in the Team or Cross Country Circuit, along with a team contact with email address, to the USATF Minnesota Scorekeeper at at least seven days prior to the first event in which the team will compete. Teams may submit more than one team contact. 
  2. Each team's roster will consist of all currently-registered USATF Minnesota members meeting the age requirements stated above. Each team member must also be a member of the team's club, according to the USATF national database, on the day of the event. Currently-registered USATF Minnesota members whose club affiliation is "unattached" will be ineligible to score in an event for any team. Only the athlete can submit or change his or her club affiliation.
  3. Team rosters may be requested by the team contact by emailing Requests to change club affiliations must be sent to the membership chair at

III. Scoring and Awards

  1. For road and track races, team scores will be determined by adding the scoring team member's times. For the cross country races, team scores will be determined by adding the scoring team members' places.  
  2. Circuit points will be awarded based on the number of complete teams competing at each race.  For example, if nine complete teams participate in a race, the first place team will receive nine points, the second place team will receive eight points, and so on, with the ninth place team receiving one point.  Every complete team will receive at least one point.  The minimum winning point total for open teams will be five points, for 40 plus teams four points, for 50 plus teams three points and for 60 plus teams three points, regardless of the number of teams that officially score. Thus, for example, if four complete teams participate in an open division race, the first place team will receive five points, the second place team will receive four points, and so on, with the fourth place team receiving two points.
  3. Complete teams competing in the Fort Snelling 15K Relay, as the final USATF Minnesota Team Circuit Race of 2016, will receive double points.
  4. Year-end awards will be based on total points accumulated during the season.

IV. Results

  1. Results will be posted on the USATF Minnesota web site ( as soon as possible after the race, and a notification that the results have been posted will be sent by e-mail to each team's designated contact person. Each team must provide a current email address to the scorekeeper ( for purposes of this notification.
  2. Teams will have until 5:00 PM on the third day after results have been posted to make any challenges or corrections to the results. Thus, for example, if results are posted on the Monday following the race, any challenges or corrections must be made by 5:00 PM the following Thursday. Challenges and corrections must be sent to the scorekeeper at
  3. Results will be posted as final upon the expiration of the challenge/correction period or following the resolution of any challenges/inclusion of any corrections, as the case may be.

V. Changes in Club Representation

  1. An athlete wishing to transfer from one club to another must comply with USATF Regulation 7 in all respects.
  2. Under USATF Regulation 7, an athlete wishing to transfer from one club to another "must serve ninety (90) days in 'unattached status' from the date of the last competition in which the athlete represented" his or her previous club, subject to certain limited exceptions.
  3. USATF Minnesota has determined that an athlete "represents" his or her club in competition if the event is a USATF team championship or otherwise scores USATF teams, and
    • The athlete writes his or her club name in the designated spot on the entry form, or
    • The athlete wears a uniform identifying him or her with the club, or
    • The athlete scores for the club.
    • Under Regulation 7, USATF Minnesota may waive the ninety-day requirement "if it determines that the change in organization was caused by events outside the control of the athlete involved and is in the best interests of athletics and the athlete."
    • Requests for a transfer, or for a waiver of the ninety-day rule, must be made by the runner involved, in writing (including email) and must be delivered to the USATF Minnesota Scorekeeper at  at least one week prior to the first race in which the runner wishes to represent his or her new club.

    VI. Contact Information

    1. A team's declaration of  intent to participate, transfer requests, and all other submissions should be sent to the USATF Minnesota Scorekeeper at
    2. Questions should be directed to Craig Yotter, USATF Minnesota Managing Director, at or 651-330-8847.